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HIFU – Vaginal Tightening

We proudly use THE LATEST HIFU TECHNOLOGY FOR VAGINAL REJUVENATION, which is called The HIFU vaginal tightening. HIFU system uses non-invasive ultrasonic focusing technique to focus on the mucous membrane and fibrous layer and muscle layer directly. Using high intensity ultrasonic waves as the energy source it penetrates to the required layer of tissue causing micro injury (controlled trauma) and the collagen is reorganized whilst the outer tissue is not damaged. This basically warms the vaginal tissue at the correct depth to the correct temperature without burning the surface of it. That local heating of the tissue will stimulate COLLAGEN FIBRES FORMATION in the vaginal tissue and thereby- tighten the tissue of the vagina.


Benefits of HIFU Vaginal Treatment

  • Increasing vaginal moisture
  • Increasing sensitivity during sexual activity
  • Improving vaginal tightness and firmness
  • Stress incontinence is reduced and improved
  • Improves, Firms & tightens muscles in the treated area
  • Reduction / elimination of vaginal bacterial Infections
  • Helps treat signs of aging and offers an overall rejuvenation for the vagina
  • Clinically proven Safe and effective
  • Cost effective alternative to surgical operation
  • No need for anaesthesia or sedation
  • No incisions or risk of infection
  • No Downtime


Using ultrasonic waves as the energy source and taking advantage of its penetration and focality, the system will send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the lamina propria and mascle fibre layer in a predetermined depth.  A higher intensity of ultrasonic region, called focus region, is formed. In 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can be reach to above 65 ℃, so the collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside is undamaged. Therefore, the desired depth layer can obtain the ideal effect collagen CONTRACTION, REORGANIZATION and REGENERATION. Ultimately, the effect of VAGINA TIGHTENING is achieved.

HIFU is completely NON-INVASIVE treatment and penetrates much deeper that traditional laser or Radio frequency into SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer.

This is NON-SURGICAL vaginal tightening and Improve the health and vitality of vaginal Tissue, using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). It is highly effective at rebuilding skin elastin while tightening

Some results are seen immediately post treatment, with optimal results expected from 3 to 6 months, however collagen regeneration has been clinically proven to keep regenerating at the 9 month period post treatment on average.

Most clients report a significant improvement in stress incontinence within 7-10 days.


Individual results will differ, however a minimum of 18 months to 3 years.

The number of sessions depends on the clients age and vaginal condition but one treatment is usually sufficient.

You will feel the treatment as a warm prickle. Settings will be adjusted to suit your comfort levels. Therefore, this treatment is classed as pain free.

You must leave 12 weeks post child birth for the treatment and not be breastfeeding or lactating at time of treatment for best results.

It is advisable not to as you are more sensitive around your time of month and a stronger setting and therefore better results can be obtained if carried out mid cycle (two weeks after your period).

Yes, you can, the treatment will not reverse your prolapse but it will improve the vagina sensitivity and bladder control etc